September 6th, 1899


Dear Charlie,

I will admit that out of all the people I expected to receive a letter from, you were the last on the list a mostly pleasant surprise. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve successfully navigated Charlottetown several times now without feeling overwhelmed, and will require no escort. Thank you, however, for offering. 

Please don’t apologize for neglecting to visit. Ruby keeps me very informed of the welfare of both you and Moody. I’m often out of the house studying, anyway, so it may be best to forgo visits altogether until I settle more into the semester. 

As for your kind invitation, such a delectable cafe could not be enjoyed with just us two. I admit I am hesitant to subscribe to Billy’s judgement. Perhaps all our Avonlea friends can be the deciding factor. It’d be selfish to not extend the invitation to those we cherish. 

Next time you’d like to mail a correspondence, I’d advise hand-delivering it. The two-block journey from your boarding house to mine is much shorter than a day in the post. Seeing as you aren’t a suitor, feel free to drop by when the occasion arises. 

Your friend, 

Anne Shirley-Cuthbert

(P.S. Your locution efforts seem to be paying off; however, note the spelling of veritable.)

(P.P.S. I have it on esteemable medical authority that the findings you informed me of earlier this year are, in fact, unfounded. I can recommend some articles if you’d like to update your thinking.)

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