By Viviano

September 5th, 1899


Dear Anne,


How are you? Cities like Charlottetown must feel overwhelming for a young woman like you. It would be my pleasure to chaperone you, wherever and whenever you need it.


It would please you to know that Moody and I have settled in rather well. Our fellow boarders all seem to be decent folk. A verytable bunch of kindred spirits, to borrow your words. I apologize on not having visited; a few unforseen clerical difficulties took up much of my week.


I passed by a quaint little cafe the other day. Its signboard boasted on serving “the most delectable French pastries this side of the Atlantic.” I don’t know anything about that, but Billy says it’s run by the best Pattisyer in the city. I was wondering if we could put these claims to the test together?


All my fondness,

Charlie S.


P.S. I am trying to expand my vocabulary so we can talk better. I think I made a nice start. I will continue to do so.

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