Gilbert dear boy, 


I am writing a few lines on the bottom of Matthew’s response to your letter so that you have my answer too. Both Matthew and I were frankly overjoyed to receive your letter. We knew that Anne had feelings for you before leaving for Queen’s, and we were quite heartbroken for her, believing as she did that you were betrothed to Miss Rose. To know that our dear Anne is loved as much as she loves is a great joy to us both, Gilbert. Our families have always cared deeply for each other and this courtship is wonderful news. You have our blessing. I can almost feel Anne’s eyes rolling at me as I write. I always end up fussing too much. Truth is, I was never very good at expressing my love and joy overtly, and I am learning to change. It is better to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve after all. This is my wish for you both as you move into this next chapter, together.

I am not going to write much more. I wanted to end by saying that it’s best not to be too hard on yourself for the past. What’s important is that you both learn from it and accept the beautiful gift that you have together. Love is so precious. Matthew and I are proud of you both, and know your father would be so pleased for you Gilbert. Pleased, and proud.


We all look forward to seeing you soon, dear Gilbert.



Marilla Cuthbert



Marilla and I know you as more than John Blythe’s son. You are a good and caring man. You know that Anne had a very difficult childhood. I have always thought it was our job to balance that with as much happiness as possible. Marilla and I lived small lives until Anne came to us. I have always thought it was our job to be sure she had the opportunity for a big, bold life. She loves her adventures. All I ask of you, then, is to give her happiness in any way you can, share her adventures, and be sure not to limit her potential. I think you may have been planning to honour these requests already. 


You have our blessing son.


Matthew Cuthbert

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